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We live in an age when younger African-American Christians are asking tough questions that previous generations would dare not ask.  This generation doesn’t hesitate to question the validity of the Scriptures, the efficacy of the church and even the historicity of Jesus.  Young people are becoming increasingly curious as to what role, if any, did people of African descent play in biblical history? Or, if the Bible is devoid of Black presence, and is merely a book by Europeans, about Europeans and for Europeans to the exclusion of other races and ethnicities?

Dr. Theron D. Williams makes a significant contribution to this conversation by answering the difficult questions this generation fearlessly poses. Dr. Williams uses facts from the Bible, well-respected historians, scientists, and DNA evidence to prove that Black people comprised the biblical Israelite community. Dr. Williams also presents historical evidence that links some in the African-American community to the Lost Tribes of Israel. He also shares historical images from the ancient catacombs that vividly depict the true likeness of the biblical Israelites. This book does not change the biblical text, but it will change how you understand it.

About Dr. Theron D. Williams I

For more than 30 years, Dr. Theron D. Williams has been the Pastor of the Mt. Carmel Church of Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Williams was born in Detroit, Michigan. He is the fourth of eight siblings. He attended the Detroit Public School System and is a graduate of Murray Wright High School. Dr. Williams is an alumnus of Virginia Union University and the Samuel DeWitt Proctor, School of Theology at Virginia Union, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master of Divinity degree, respectively. Dr. Williams is also an alumnus of The Chicago Theological Seminary, receiving a Doctor of Ministry Degree.

While a student at Virginia Union University, Dr. Williams was elected Pastor of the Angel Visit Baptist Church of Dunnsville, Virginia. During his brief pastorate at Angel Visit, he moved the church from a part-time church (holding worship services of twice per month) to a full-time church. Angel Visit Church grew phenomenally under Dr. Williams’ leadership. In 1987 the people of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, of Indianapolis, Indiana, extended him the call to lead its congregation. Under Dr. Williams’ dynamic pastorate, Mt. Carmel has experienced an incredible transformation and exponential growth, numerically, spiritually, organically and financially. Mt. Carmel has grown from under 200 members to more than 2,500 members, with matching financial growth.

Dr. Williams has led this multimillion-dollar ministry to complete three major building projects and extensive facility renovation campaigns. Dr. Williams led Mt. Carmel in the construction of a family life center. This center accommodated a high school regulation size gymnasium that was used for other church/community purposes, including a theater, banquet facility, and fellowship hall. It also included youth Christian Education classrooms, a preschool, administrative offices, and a commercial kitchen.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the good news that most Black Americans through, consanguineous or conjugal ties are the descendants of the Nigerian Igbos.  This reality is significant because the Igbos are among the descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel and boast the world’s oldest known Hebrew community.  Our efforts involve educating the African-American community of its biblical history and to forge a bond with other Hebrew descendants worldwide. We seek solidarity with other Hebrews of diaspora mainly those who are scattered in the U.S., Caribbean, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, and South Africa.  These landmasses comprise high concentrations of biblical Hebrew descendants.

The mission of The Bible is Black History Institute will be carried out through several different modules as follow.  First, we intend to spread this good news through educating the Black church.  The education process will consist of creating literature to inform the Black of church of its biblical heritage and Black people’s role in the biblical narrative. This literature can be taught in Sunday school; VBS;  during worship services; during weekly church training opportunities; new members orientation and other opportunities as the church allows.

Secondly, for a more thorough and intensive educational experience, the Institute is available to travel to individual churches to conduct workshops, lecture, PowerPoint, or sermon series.

Thirdly, from the churches who participate in the Institute, local, regional, national and international leaders may be identified. Thus, annual local, regional, national and international conferences may be held.  The purpose of the annual conferences is as follow: 1) To promote fellowship among the Hebrew Diaspora. 2). To celebrate our biblical heritage and to unite in prayer and the worship of Yahweh. 3). To participate in training opportunities through lectures, sermons, workshops, and other educational presentation and to be exposed to other Hebrew traditions and practices. 4). To address the economic, political and social issues that confront God’s people.  5).  To create networks among the Diaspora.  6). To devise strategies to better communicate our message to the Lost Tribes of Israel. 7). And to proclaim the significance of Yahweh incarnating the Black body of Jesus of Nazareth our Lord.

The Black Church must begin to appreciate itself as among the descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel

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